“High-octane action adventure! Hold on tight, it's a wild ride!” — Peter Cawdron, International Bestselling Author of ANOMALY and REVOLUTION

"It's nothing personal.  You're just part of the transaction."

Copyright ©  Daniel Gage. All rights reserved.

Cameron Briggs always wondered what the strange birthmark on his shoulder meant.  For his entire life, it seemed he was never destined to be anything special, that is, until the day it happened.   Something dormant inside of him awoke.

In the near future, birthright theft is on the rise, a vast network of dealers offering desperate buyers the chance to steal a more desirable next life.   Their power and influence is absolute, with little standing in their way.   However, unexpected anomalies in the process endow unique abilities to their victims who, once identified, are offered one chance - to save our world or destroy it, one Unborn child at a time.

With the truth shrouded in conspiracy, Emma Jennings, a troubled but strong-minded young agent with a defiant reputation, is determined to prove these crimes exist. But in order to accomplish her goal, she'll need to find the one victim who can turn the tide of her war.